7 Foods to avoid for muscle building

While you are in the phase of building muscles, paying attention to the foods you eat are just as important as the foods to stay away from. Heres 7 foods to avoid to ensure you achieve your muscle building goals.

Foods and drinks with high sugar content

Fizzy drinks and fruit drinks and even sports drinks are packed with sugar which means you can easily consume a large amount of empty calories. You may be surprised that many conveniently packaged foods like breakfast muesli, nut bars, cereal bars also have a high sugar content. Consuming foods like these affect a hormone in our brain called leptin and can cause an increased desire to consume more food which can lead to weight gain.

Pre-made Smoothies

These easily available options available in supermarkets or cafes seem to be just the healthy option to go for. However many finished smoothies are high in calories (600-1000 on average) and sugar. You’re better off making it yourself knowing the ingredients you put in yourself.


I’m talking about the types of sausages that’s processed, rich in calories, saturated fat, and sodium and preservatives. You’re better off having a piece of steak or pork that is high in protein, iron and amino acids.

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Deep fried foods

These foods are usually cooked trans fat which process hydrogenation, combining liquid oils and fat to make solid fats. Margarine and vegetable shortening are a couple of examples of trans fat. Not only are they high in cholesterol, it also causes inflammation and can contribute to heart diseases, diabetes and strokes.

Salty snacks

The thought of a bag of potato chips or pretzels seems like the best reward after a hard workout right? Well for one it reduces the level of potassium and it’s a mineral that’s important for cell function 2.You lose electrolytes during exercise and salt dehydrates your body. The better alternative is to have some whole grain crackers with peanut or almond butter or a handful of roasted (unsalted) nuts.

Processed cheese

It may seem appealing to see melted processed cheese in advertisements that make our eyes hungry. However you may want to rethink it because it contains high sugar, salt and fat content. Instead opt for a more natural cheese that’s low in sodium to compliment your diet.


Not only does alcohol contain empty calories it also puts a lot of stress on the immune system and causes inflammation. During exercise our muscles undergo stress and a repair stage happens after exercise. Our body requires rest, especially a good night’s sleep but alcohol dehydrates the body and can disrupt our sleeping patterns which is important for muscle recovery.


There are many types of foods that you may not be aware of that contain ingredients or excess ingredients that may prohibit your muscle building goals. You will have a better idea of what you put in your body by reading the ingredients on packs before buying. Putting your own meals together is a sure way to go and you’ll know exactly what you’re feeding your body.


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