Success to Having a Good Exercise Partner



One of the problems for beginners starting out is keeping up with exercise. It’s a habit at the end of the day just like how I like to have a coffee first thing in the morning. It’s about getting into the rhythm of it and finding enjoyment. So why not do it with a partner? 


It’s a perfect way to keep you accountable and the best part is it won’t cost you anything! The partner should be someone who you enjoy exercising with. And if you don’t have anyone, find somebody!

5 qualities of a good workout partner 


1. Be committed and show up

Your partner needs to show up at agreed times for your workouts. It’s easier to become a partner with someone who already has a regular routine doing workouts or going to the gym. There’s no point having a partner who has many commitments and is not going to be available. 


2. Both be at a similar fitness level or slightly higher

Ideally you’ll be working out with someone who is at a slightly higher level as this will help you and motivate you. They will also have techniques and experience you can draw upon. 

3. Be positive

It’s important that your partner encourages you and is supportive during the workouts. It is more likely you’ll want to continue on and not give up. 

4. Don’t let you off the hook

Now this goes both ways of course. It’s easy to tell your partner you want to skip a session because you had a long day at work or the kids need to be taken care of. You are accountable as much as your partner to keep you going. And I guarantee you’ll feel great after the session too!  


5. Challenges you

Progress it’s about challenging you and your body so having someone by your side telling you just 5 more to go is going to push you to achieve your goals. He or she may challenge you to try a different workout or use equipment to work a different part of your body. 

You may even have more than one workout partner, one to have regular walks with and one to workout at the gym. There are no rules to doing this so however it’s going to work for you to help you maintain consistency. 

Finding a good partner can help you start out and build a regular routine but remember keeping up with exercise has many benefits to your health and mental wellness. You will most likely find other ways to continue this path as you progress. 




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