Best Lactose Free Protein Powder

If you struggle with lactose intolerant and are searching for protein powders that doesn’t cause symptoms there’s plenty on the market. But that’s the problem, we don’t have all the time to look at each one and consider if it’s the right one.

So for ease we’ve done it for you so here’s is our top 5 lactose free protein powder.

Difference between Lactose Free and Dairy Free – Read further down the page.

1.Raw Organic Protein Organic Plant Formula

Raw Organic Protein Organic Plant Formula

This is not only a protein powder it also includes probiotics and enzymes making it even better for digestion and for the gut. Being organic means products are farmed without use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. It is ideal for recovery and muscle growth as it has a good amino acid profile.



BCAAs, Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes which is gut friendly and easy to digest

Plant based

Lactose free

Gluten free

Diary free

Soy free

Vegan friendly

Comes in Unflavoured, Chocolate, Vanilla Chai and Vanilla flavour

Flavored options are artificially sweetened with stevia

Taste and texture can be chalky


2.Naked Whey – Premium Grass Fed Whey

Naked Whey

Naked Whey is manufactured in USA and cold processed which is non-denatured leaving nutrients like amnio acids, omega 3, glutathione intact which is found naturally in cow’s milk. Whey or whey isolate is ideal for those on low carb diet. This is great for pre or post works. Best blended with banana, blueberries, vegetables or your favorite plant based milk.



Aid muscle recovery

Soy & gluten Free

Ideal for pre and post workouts

Minimal ingredients

GMO free

Gives a light feeling

Comes in 4 flavours:

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Unflavoured

Bland – Flavoured options are mild in taste

Does not mix well with water

Grainy texture – best mixed in blender

 3. KOS – Vegan Protein Powder, Chocolate – Low Carb Pea Protein Blend

KOS Organic Plant Protein

KOS is jammed packed with organic ingredients: pea, flax seed, quinoa, pumpkin seeks, chia seeds,  coconut milk just to name a few + a whole lot more. It also includes digestive enzymes which helps digestion so great for lactose intolerant individuals.



Great taste – Chocolate

Keto friendly


Gluten free

Dairy free

Soy free

No artificial sweeteners


Ideal for bulking up muscles

Comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, Unflavoured

Gritty texture

Does not mix well with milks

High in sodium

4.Orgain Organic Protein Powder

Orgain Organic Protein Powder

Orgain’s range of protein powders are the most popular not to mention their range of flavours. Their blend of pure, plant proteins include peas, brown rice, chia seas. Suitable for muscle recover, pre or post workouts. It has 15 grams of protein per serving and can be used as a meal replacement.

Their range also includes:

Pre-mixed protein shakes

Protein bars

MCT oil



No artificial ingredients

No gritty textures

All organic plant based ingredients

Gluten free

Lactose free

flavours: Creamy Chocolate fudge, Chocolate coconut, Peppermint Cocoa

Available in travel packs or 10 packs – Chocolate or Berry Hydration

Protein snack bars in different flavours
available too

Sweetened with stevia and erythritol

Slightly higher carb content than other protein powders



5.Bulk Supplements Egg White Protein Powder

It's Just Egg White Protein

You will find high quality ingredients – only egg white powder in simple packaging with all of Bulk Supplements products. Low in cholesterol and supports muscle building and recover with a good source of amino acid.



Just egg white
– nothing else

Easy to digest

No sugars or additives

Low in carbohydrates and fat

Keto friendly

Reduces cravings for junk food and sweets

It contains amino acids that the body can’t produce

It’s doesn’t affect the other flavors in a smoothie

It may stick to the walls of the blender, making cleaning difficult

It contains considerable levels of sodium



What causes lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is usually caused by your body not producing enough lactase which is an enzyme that helps digest lactose. Many people relate it to milk however it is the sugar or carbohydrate contained in milk. It occurs within 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating or drinking foods that contain dairy or lactose.

Symptoms include:

    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea and sometimes vomiting,
    • Bloating
    • Gas
  • Stomach cramps and discomfort


What is the difference between lactose free and dairy free?

The sugar found in milk causes the lactose affect we experience however when the sugar is extracted it leaves the whey. Whey itself with no sugar is 100% lactose free and provides a much more comfortable digestion.

Alternatives to lactose free and diary free protein

Milk and diary causes the lactose affect and by avoiding them completely will prevent any side affects. The alternatives such as beef protein powder, bone broth protein powder, egg white protein powder – read more, or plant based/vegan protein powders.

Does whey protein contain lactose?

Whey is a produce of diary and contains 80% casein protein and 20% whey. There is a high chance the whey protein powders contains an amount of lactose. For people who are highly sensitive to lactose may be best to take plant based, egg white or beef protein powder.

How to choose a lactose free protein powder?

All of us have different bodies and react differently to products we consume. If you have a sensitive stomach is important to introduce yourself to products slowly to see if it suits you.


Choosing one with high protein helps to recover more quickly after a workout and build stronger and bigger muscles. Ideally the BCAA-rich protein content is at least 15 grams per serving.

No sugar or low in sugar

If you prefer flavoured ones there a plenty on the market. Many products use stevia or erythritol and not everyone enjoys the taste. Erythritol can cause bloating for sensitive stomachs. Take a look at the ingredients and it is best flavoured with natural flavours. Unflavoured protein powders allow the option of adding your own flavours in with fruits such as frozen or fresh berries, bananas, nuts and honey.


It is not uncommon for protein powders to contain thickeners such as guar gum or acacia gum. These can also cause bloating or even nausea for some. If you are affected by additives then we recommend Naked Whey and Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein that has no additives or sugars.

What are the benefits of lactose free protein powder?

For any athlete or body builder it’s always about sufficient intake of protein during the day for recovery and muscle gain. Finding the right lactose free protein powder that is easy to digest which prevents unpleasant gastric problems is going to contribute to your goals.

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