Workouts to Build Muscle at Home – The Proper Way

The workout plan for building muscle at home using dumbbells is simple. But it is highly effective. The work out involves performing 3 sets of each exercise. Three sets is more than enough to effectively and efficiently build muscle mass.

Before starting this workout, one should have the proper equipment. One should buy dumbbells of the same weight. However, one may need to increase the weight with time. But the increase should be modest. This is because muscle mass increases with the load that is being used. With increased weights, the increase may be significant. Therefore, one may need to increase the dumbbells.

This workout plan to build muscle at home requires that one needs to start with a warm up. One should choose a program or program of exercises that should be performed before moving to the routine. The warm up should not be too demanding, as that will make the workout harder. This will not be effective.

Also, the warm up should be done slowly. One should perform the exercises in the correct form. After the warm up, one should select a work out routine. One should not start with the exercises one has just chosen. One should wait for the warm up to be done, before starting the work out.

The basic work out routine to build muscle at home consists of three sets. Three sets per exercise. With three sets per exercise, one will need 30 to 45 minutes to complete the work out. But one may need to wait for at least a half an hour to complete the workout.

Next, one should select an exercise. One may follow the routine that has been recommended by a professional. If there is no such recommendation, one should take the help of his/her own intuition. With this, one should select bench press, leg extensions, dead lift, shoulder shrugs, squats and pull ups. The second option is to select exercises from the above list. But one should be careful about the order of the routine.

After selecting the program, one should perform the workout routine to build muscle at home at the prescribed pace. One should start with the warm up, and then perform the first set slowly. One should perform the next set slowly, and then complete the exercise. This should be done in the prescribed order. With this, the workouts to build muscle at home will be complete.

The exercises should be performed in the prescribed order, as the order of the exercises is important for the workout to be complete.

* Bench press, standing or seated dumbbell press, leg extensions, standing or seated barbell curls, seated dumbbell curls, seated or bent over barbell shrugs, seated or bent over dumbbell shrugs, seated or bent over triceps extensions, standing or seated cable crossover pushups, standing or seated parallel bar dips, standing or seated lying scissor lunges, hanging leg raises, standing or seated jackknife knee raises, upright cable crunches, seated leg raises, triceps extensions, seated or bent over pushups, seated jackknife knee raises, standing knee raises, upright cable crunches.

* One should be careful with the selection of exercise. But with the above exercises, one should choose the best exercises for the workout to build muscle at home. It is important to select the best exercises for the workout to build muscle at home, and not the easiest exercises. Thus, the exercises should be the heaviest weight exercises that can be performed in 12 to 15 sets.

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