Body Building Food Guide – You May Want to Adjust This Body Building Food Guide

For many men, bodybuilding is the sport that defines them, the thing that sets them apart from the others. This is especially true for those men who are over 40 and feel they need to maintain or gain muscle size as they age. It is for these reasons that I became involved in a high protein diet.

I learned that the more protein I ate, the more muscular I became, but it also put my body into catabolic state and my muscles became looser and looser until I had a six pack that was hanging down to my ankles. This is why I quickly learned the benefits of staying away from all protein. My body was constantly into anabolic state because of my high protein intake and it was never happy. The catabolic state is like being in a nap after a long workout. Your muscles will try to get into anabolic state but can only do so by feeding on itself. This results in loose skin, excess hair and muscle shrinking away.

This is why I switched to eating a lot of carbs because it keeps me in an anabolic state but it also provides the fuel my muscles need to grow. I also switched to eating a lot of vegetables because I am into organic food as far as food goes and they are high in carbs and protein.

This high protein diet has its benefits, but you must be sure that you are eating enough carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. I was eating like a fish, and the result was a muscular 50 year old man who suddenly gained 15 pounds of fat. His skin had shrunk down to the bone and his muscles were weak and floppy. If you do not eat enough carbs, your muscles are dead. If you eat too many carbs your muscle will not grow. If you eat too little you will become fat, which is not what you want. The key is to eat just enough protein so that your muscles can grow and your carbs get used so that you do not stay in anabolic state too long. There is a better way to eat, but you must be careful to not get trapped in anaolian state again.

* Eating 5-6 times a day is more efficient, providing that you eat enough carbs and protein. This can be done with three meals a day. This would give you a steady flow of carbs and proteins to feed your muscles without becoming too stuffed and needing to eat carbs again. This is so effective, I would even advocate eating every two hours. This is so efficient it even keeps you in anabolic state with no bloating.

* Eating carbs every 2-3 hours after a workout is so effective because it keeps your muscles working hard all night and causes your pancreas to release more insulin to bring the carbs in to feed the muscles. So a little bit of carbs before you work out is an excellent idea as well.

You can eat at least 20 grams of protein at bedtime as well, because that will ensure your muscles are feeding and growing, but are kept safe from bloating. It is ideal to eat a protein drink as well or with your carbs and vegetables. But this must be done only every other day.

In reality, I just eat when I am hungry, but it does depend on how much you eat. Try to eat enough carbs and protein in your meals and you should be fine. It is a good idea to make meals for each mealtime in the morning and afternoons to feed your muscles as well. So try to eat a small protein drink at bedtime as well as eating enough carbs.

* Do not overeat! Try to eat about 20 grams of protein every mealtime as well. But there is no need to eat much.

You should strive to eat a little bit of carbohydrates every mealtime and a 20 gram block of protein. If you eat much more than 20 grams of carbs or protein, you will be feeding the muscle with too much starch and will be hindering its growth.

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